Some thoughts about Uncertainty and its Unpopularity

We really love to know and be certain. And this is probably one of the main reasons way we cant focus in the Now, our greatest source of creativity.

“How am I, where did I came from and where do I go”, three inquests that succeed man and women over evolution, searching for answers and more certainty. And in the midst of this search so many times we may be losing something more precious that any right answers. We loose tranquillity and clarity.

Uncertainty becomes anxiety as we mentally strive to be able to predict and control. Our focus and energy is placed in trying to predict things we collectedly know are uncertain.

Its time for a new update!

Our collective experience with uncertainty and chaos should be embedded in our knowing efforts. And its time to update our thought and approach to uncertainty. Does it exists to be reduced or mastered?

Through history we made options based on our models, and also through history we have been updating our knowledge of who we are, what are we made off, what is our connection with Life.

Three big waves have emerge through time, at different rhythms  gain and losing momentum along the way. Now they met around what we are and our place in a dying World – individual power and awareness, sustainability and collective action.  All them tell us about a journey that includes chaos, vulnerability and uncertainty.

So why so many of us still ignored this, continuing to make options based on maps that don’t incorporate this truth? We are making decisions based on the assumption we can predict, control and be able to discard effects.

So often when I raise this topic I get a fight or flight reaction. And I consciously present it as an invitation to look at what it feels true in my sharings.

New means never seen before

These fight or flight reactions are a common known and shared mechanisms we all have. Activating this mechanism makes our brain to apply all efforts to keep security (certainty), saving few energies to be open to new possibilities.

To create this openness I don’t need to give up anything. Letting go is a very different step ahead in the process of creating something new. A challenging one of a kind!

Openness can arise from simply watching my on resistance or certainties and observe those thoughts transmuting. Thoughts behave like soap bubbles; some fly higher along the horizon, some collide and burst, others merge, an endless range of possibilities.

We already have lots of information to become more skilful with uncertainty. We already know that rising our awareness its one initial step that can lead us to collectively create better  models to navigate the greatest certainty of all our certainties: Uncertainty.