Open Dialogue Sessions

Would you be open to host group dialogue-action activities and earn the chance to learn and solve more efficiently your collective challenges?

Open Dialogue are customised programs made of regular open listening and dialogue sessions were participants are invited to give voice to their observations, perceptions and insights. Our approach to groups as information processors allows you to organize these inputs into useful information. Through collective task you achieve deeper levels of knowledge beyond any individual contribution.

foster high quality conversations


  • Grow people ability to listen with awareness and be open to dialogue
  • Work spontaneity and authenticity
  • Develop curious and flexible mindsets
  • Get rid of thinking habits that interfere with peoples courage to explore new things.
  • Reduce fear of failure and turn it into learning

Experiment fostering high-quality conversations to frame strategic issues and support organisational learning.

We help you to host useful conversations about any issue that seems to be claiming to be discussed, even the most uncomfortable ones. These sessions are an invitation to higher levels of thought through deeper listening and dialogo. Our format is particularly valuable to welcome obstacles, dilemmas, paradox and any sort of blocking dynamics. Your team will be supported by experienced application of participatory tools and collaborative methodologies.

Sometimes in the attempt to avoid conflict and blame game we tend to avoid to look at some more negative issues, until it becomes clear as performance blockage. If we do not allow energy to flow, including negative flows, we are blocking our systems. And usually these blockages create many sort of diseases.

What if we could offer you a way to safely look at the negative polarities? Would you look more often to whats not working properly at your business?

If these questions move you please feel free to have a conversation with us.

Programs are designed to offer your people regular opportunities to “speak their truth” about their practical experience in a given period and/or topic. We conceived this program with quarterly sessions. Every 3 months people are invited to take part of a 2 hours exploratory journey. What went well? Want needs to be transformed? What is it possible to foreseen as future evolution? These and other guiding questions are key to access personal insights, a crucial source of creativity and innovation.

This program will boost your people’s ability to master polarities, flow in the midst of turbulence and shape your business as whole coherent system.

Honour diversity as “the art of thinking independently together” – Malcom Forbes

These dialogue sessions are design by us combining different participatory models and collaborative technologies, but at the center of our proposal are structures offered by Theory U and Art of Hosting. These structures and the processes they invite us to experience are among the best ones to promote diversity integration processes: communication and coordination.

Group Size: 8-20