Business Retreats

Learning retreats to lead with more Awareness.

ICOGN Business Retreats are designed to offer you space, time and the necessary distance to look at your plans and collective journey to achieve your goals. This pause will allow you to review your strategy incorporating real feedbacks brought by the ones who put your plans into action.

Invite a diverse group of key people to listening and dialogue about the way you have been working together, to plan and conceive new ways to deal with collective challenges, away from the distraction of daily-work routines.

This program aims at creating a neutral ground to foster creativity and innovation in you organisation. This neutral ground is designed by us combining individual awareness tool and practices with different collaborative and participatory methodologies.

Create a pause to reflect and grow in the midst of challeging times.

Allow your team to immerse and explore the many learning experience they collect in their journey as participant of your system.

All great innovations arise from dedicating time and focus to look at what challenges us.