Shape Your Business

Shape Your Business is an invitation to embrace all dynamics and polarities of your business through group work processes.

Explore your collective capacity to organize knowledge, and yield the integration of diverse polarities to enhance performance.

colour spheresCentral do these concepts of dynamic and polarity is the acceptance that life is energy, constantly pulsing from positive to negative poles and within this assumption we invite to work with groups as an internal information processor.

Shape Your Business offers you tailor-made workshops and business retreat programs to safety and constructively explore the hidden messages of both polarities.  We combine collaborative methodologies with leadership awareness tools to design exploratory journeys through ‘whats not working’ or ‘what should be the next achievement’.

Give shape to better future possibilities creating shared understanding of the ‘situation’ and aligning individual purpose with group goals.

Individual awareness practices will boost your people cognitive abilities and social learning methodologies help you to create more healthy social processes.

We work with a selected set of participatory learning tools and at the center of our approach is the U-Process, a collective innovation process offered by Theory U.

Key to our work is the belief that groups and organisations would definitely benefit a lot if they could embrace more constructively the diverse polarities of their own systems. To allow such openness we help to foster more healthy communication and coordination processes.

The positive effects of dealing with the ‘negative’

Your business is a whole. As many other aspects of our living life, you and your business are certainly visited by negative feedbacks. In our view these should be included by learning to deal and listen to them. But in the attempt to avoid conflict and blame game we tend to avoid to look at them, until it becomes clear as performance blockage. If we do not allow energy to flow, including negative flows, we are blocking our systems. And usually these blockages create many sort of diseases.

What if we could offer you a way to safely look at the negative polarities? Would you look more often to what’s not working properly at your business?
Would you be open to host group dialogue-action activities and earn the chance to learn and solve more efficiently your collective challenges?

If these questions move you please feel free to contact us.