Shape With Us

Shape With Us is an invitation to build a shared vision among different professionals, as we believe the world is in need of as many change workers as possible, working towards a common goal: a better version on how we can collectively operate to create results we all wish for.

We aim at being a platform to leverage the work of other facilitators, change makers, and all sort of professionals committed to help give shape to a more balanced world, where individual and collective life are perceived as part of a same whole.

Now days, we are asked to be more skilful in working together as a whole, in order to be able to cope with the challenges we collective face. We want to give our contribute to dissolve the idea of separation that characterises our most common way of thinking, and we do so by combining many fields of knowing and acting in our approach to individuals and groups.

We offer training specifically designed to help change workers to adopt and spread the use of more collaborative work methodologies in our society, organisations and groups.

Shape with us is an invitation to acesse to a set of learning structures and tools that we apply and allow us to give our contribution towards ‘that better version of collective action’.