“A great deal of human intelligence is heart intelligence.”

Since 1991 Heart-Math Institute research and develops “reliable, scientifically based tools that bridge the connection between heart and mind” . They produced a lots of research related to stress and emotions. And in the above mentioned article they highlight some qualities of the heart (emotions) and their benefits as ‘Benefits of Love’: Longer life span Lower stress […]

Embodying a more extended concept of mind and self. Why is it important? How can be done?

Today I write inspired and energised by a recent training I co-facilitated and where we all had the opportunity to explore a powerful cognitive process that comes from deepening our connection with our bodies. The purpose is to expand our notion of mind and create space for subliminal-perception, i.e. before our selfs start to label our experiences. This brought an invitation […]

Invisible And Visible – How To Foster New Levels Of Understanding?

This question came to me as I was watching a video from one of the dialogue sessions hosted by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Scholars, together with many Science Experts from all around the world (Mind and Life XXVI). This video is one of the many resources available in this intersection of spirit and science. Each time I cross with this […]

What if real co-creative work environments demand mindful action?

What if real collaborative work environments are dependable of individual mindful action? How does this possibility reflect on individual responsibility to support it? I speak of individual mindful action while applying existent knowledge. Putting knowledge into practice, in collective context, and being able to surpass the common blindness on the fact that existent knowledge was […]

How can openly listening to others authentic expression help us all?

‘Who is right and who is wrong’ Today I was reflecting on conversations about credibility of social media content. All the studies, statements, the “most recent discover”, and other news people share in social networks. ‘Who is right, who is wrong’. This topic is a really hot one that often appears in group conversations. And also often I […]