“A great deal of human intelligence is heart intelligence.”

Food for thoughts

After reading the article ‘Love as an Advanced Mode of Intelligence’ , from HeartMath Institute (see my previous post) , and as always, I had a look at the comments that were being made. This peek practice offers me a good sample of the voices and level of conversations that help shape our world.
And one comment in particular pushed my buttons. One stating love can’t pay the bills. This is the trigger for this post.

Since 1991 Heart-Math Institute research and develops “reliable, scientifically based tools that bridge the connection between heart and mind” . They produced a lots of research related to stress and emotions. And in the above mentioned article they highlight some qualities of the heart (emotions) and their benefits as ‘Benefits of Love’:

  1. Longer life span
  2. Lower stress levels
  3. Decreased incidence of a number of heart-related maladies.
  4. Lower rates of diabetes.
  5. Improved mental capacity, including clarity of thought.
  6. Improved test-taking ability for students and overall academic success

After reading the comments about ‘inefficiency of love’  the first question that came up to my mind was ‘How much research and evidence do we need to see some obvious things?’ And with this question I was taken to the sense that maybe this all has to do with the levels of thought we attend to the discussion. And such positions must come from some point of disconnection with our deepest humanity.

We are dangerously looking at Love as an unproductive aspect of life, and accept Its absence as crucial to create prosperity.

So I invite this conversation with those who diminish Love, cause “it doesn’t pay the bills”.

Let me ask some questions:

‘How deeply do you believe in the premisse “no pain no gain” ?

Does this speaking in favor of pain makes sense?

Do you reinforce it?

‘Are you here just to pay the bills?’

‘Does the way you currently act to pay the bills makes you feel coherent with all that you are?

‘Do you consider feeling tension, stress, illness, sorrow … being a fair value to pay the bills?

There’s no right or wrong, just the feeling that there are some fossilise-assumptions in play regarding ‘Love doesn’t pay the bills” – I also have mine -, and that each individual imaginative and creative power could really do better. And that Love is the Path and the Source of this Power.

Please be brutally honest with your answer to yourself. I’m really not focused in judging, just following an impulse to offer a space for something new and better.

The Fun and Curious Part

The fun part of this thoughts that invade me is finding that too often those same who tell you Love is rubbish are the ones who go to those full of love – those strange dreamy people who believe in a better future, those great hosts that nurture their siblings -, to replenish their sources of positivity. And we tend to abbreviate all dynamics that are at play saying “I just had a great weekend” or any holiday period with one of those friends. Most of these moments are the moments where we are heard, seen and supported.

Yep it really feels good! That’s the field of Love.

But the question is where does it all come from? Were does this positivity comes from, since these same people live in the midst of the same demands.

Some of you, I hope few, will answer ‘maybe because they can afford it’. To those I present another question ‘what and how can they afford for?

Let me offer you an inside perspective. The positive and hopeful way of being comes from people who do their inner-work, people that are willing to face pain to end pain, and not to reinforce it.

These are People who know they have flaws and the world has flaws. But also know this is no ending, no finish line, just an initial point to thrive to do it better.

I speak essentially about individuals that choose to have a presence in this world that brings more love wisdom and energy. And these includes much more than coach’s, healers, facilitators, and other independent workers. This enormous collective also includes the ones that even accepting the ‘no pain, no gain’ premise, refuse themselves to bring more pain. To often, many can hardly pay their bills. But they choose love, meaning they choose empathy, understanding, compassion and truth, even if they don’t profit from it or even are put in disadvantage for being to emotional or supportive of people.

These are the People who are devoted to being their best human version even in so adverse conditions.

An invitation

To reach a kind of conclusion in these thoughts.

What I’m trying to share is that bringing love to all our dimensions, further to those nice positive periods of social coexistence, is much more than a romantic and dreamy invitation,

Cause Love doesn’t pay the bill, but it replenishes you, it helps you to reach better versions of your self. Where coexistence its possible and where you can start to think, feel and act more authentically.

I understand the perception that Love its to much slow to bring to the economic or professional dimensions, and it doesn’t cope with our eager for infinite growth. But, as someone who comes from a 15 years ‘successful’ corporate career, allow me to share my perception.

Slowing is needed in a world where the majority is constantly generating or replicating quick destructive and non-inclusive responses to our collective challenges.

As told before, I’m just trying to invite conscious individual choice. Teasing us all to step-in, and take responsibility in what do we help to create. Instead of feeding off positive people energy and thank them for making us feel better, we can all become sources of positive a constructive energy, and help create a better collective version of our humanity.

Thank you for listening.

Let me know if you think I can help you to take a next step.





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